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Preparing your home for sale.

Preparing your home for sale

Though your house may look and feel good to you, it won’t necessarily to others regardless of what your friends tell you. Sometimes it’s the details that let you down. Remember it’s essential to appeal to the widest possible cross-section of your target market, and don’t fall into these simple, very common traps. It’s about striking a balance between presenting a warm, homely environment and allowing enough mental space for a prospective buyer to imagine themselves living in your home.

Polarising furnishings

Make sure that your linen is neutral and mainstream. Classic white bed linen is always a winner.

Too much furniture

Too much furniture will make a room feel smaller than it is. Space furniture out and remove it temporarily if you have to.

Pet smells

Research tells us that one of the biggest factors that impact negatively on a potential buyer are pet smells and their toys and bowls lying around..

Heavy window coverings

Getting the balance right between privacy, style, mood and light is important.


Subtle and indirect lighting can create a whole new atmosphere to an interior scheme. A simple lamp can bring dark corners of rooms to life. An interesting lamp can double as a feature as well as lighting.


Another huge mistake by sellers is assuming that the buyers can look past an unswept floor or dirty bathroom.

Selling a house empty

Can be a little uninviting to the potential buyer, so digital furniture styling is recommended.


There is a fine line between a well staged home and a home that has been decluttered to the point of being vast and empty. You want your property to portray an ideal lifestyle that a buyer aspires to, and that includes a bit of heart and soul.

Roadside collections

Roadside collections are a wonderful service and really come in handy when you are cleaning up and preparing your property for sale, however it is essential that the roadside collection period does not overlap in any way with the property going on the market.

Add a few personal touches

A personal touch here and there helps your home feel less staged and will often help prospective buyers to build an emotional connection with your property. Fresh flowers, tasteful art pieces are a few examples. Too much evidence of your life in the home can often overwhelm buyers and make it hard for them to emotionally connect with the property, hence we recommend to place personal photographs away.

Strike the right temperature

Keep an eye on the weather and heat or cool your home so that it’s at an optimal temperature for buyers to walk through.

Think about security

You should take care to remove and protect anything precious or valuable before your open house.

Make yourself scarce

While your house is getting the once over, you should leave potential buyers to wander your halls unencumbered and relaxed.

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